Wednesday 30 May 2018

We're moving...

Apologies for the lack of recent content on this blog, but I haven't been idling. As well as continuing to write reviews and conduct interviews for the lovely people at Film Inquiry, I've also been working on something new - namely, a website that will take over the hosting of this blog from the end of June onwards.

As Human As The Rest Of Us will remain right here, but only as an archive of the film stuff I've written between its launch in late 2014 and now. The new site's blog will probably commence with a rundown of my Top 10 films of 2018 so far. I'm also going to have a go at a podcast, but don't hold me to that, as technology is seldom my friend. 

In the meantime, you could check out my critic's page on Rotten Tomatoes, which contains links to every review I've written for Film Inquiry so far. I'll pop back here towards the end of June to reveal the url of the new site.

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